Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 20th, 2012

Greetings to all…….
I thought I’d better start working on blogging again as I am preparing to return to Haiti in late October. I know I won’t have much to write about until I actually arrive in Port au Prince, but I don’t want to leave things on my “to do” list for too long…So, getting my blog reorganized now, in the summer, while I have a ton of down time is a good thing.
I will be returning to Zanmi Beni in Port au Prince. Can’t wait to see how much the babies and toddlers have grown and changed and anxious to get my arms around ‘my’ handicapped kids…especially Alicia that loves me to sing “Jesus love the little children” to her. There have been many changes at the compound while I’ve been home “resting” and getting Mom moved and settled into her gorgeous retirement home--- (That’s a whole God story right there. It’s amazing how things always seem to fall into place for Mom. Sure makes it easier for me…..
For now…..( and mainly because I really don’t have anything to say…yet…) I am only posting pictures of Life in Haiti that are not on my facebook page. That is... I will be posting pictures as soon as I figure out how!!! I still haven’t located the ‘upload pictures’ button.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with everyone in Haiti and also with all the people here in the states that have followed my Blog and have supported  me financially or with prayers; or both; or anything else!  Thank you to all that have hung in there with me over the years. I appreciate you and I am forever GRATEFUL. 

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